Songwriter Coaching

As a producer, I believe the most important part of the album isn’t the sonic frame of the record — it is the songs and the songs alone. No record I produce is complete without the process of helping songwriters get through many types of writer’s block, helping them to refine their lyrics and melodies, and pushing them to write the most honest songs possible. I love working with songwriters so much I decided to open up my schedule beyond the artists I’m producing to help mentor and coach songwriters everywhere. 

Here’s how songwriting coaching works:

• Schedule the amount of lessons you would like
• Lessons are given via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout
• A 45-minute lesson includes a song review and individualized coaching
• Price breaks available for multiple sessions

Once you choose your session time, you will upload an audio file and lyric sheet for the song of your choice. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just singing into your iPhone voice memo is fine. I’ll listen to it prior to beginning the lesson, and will also listen to it with you as our lesson begins, making notes along the way.

During the Song Review portion of the session, we’ll chat through the arrangement, find ways to strengthen the song, and look over any red flags in the song that might need to be fixed.

During the Individualized Coaching portion of the session, we will spend some time talking through who you are as a writer and I’ll do my best to lead you down a path of discovering your own unique voice. At the end of a coaching lesson, I’ll give you some writing homework. This might be homework on the song we looked over or perhaps some writing exercises to strengthen your writing muscles.

Here’s what you will walk away with:

While the song is the vehicle by which we’ll work, this isn’t about the song itself. Its about YOU as a writer. I want to see you grow, and growth happens over time. You’ll be able to take these lessons learned and apply them to more than just the one song we’re focusing on. Which means, in time, you’ll become a better writer. Which means you’ll be writing even better songs than you are today.