Visual Art: Set Design

“”I remember seeing the Loft for the first time. It was a large open space with high ceilings and a lot of cool brick, but seemed a little cool and detached feeling for the DVD’s vision. In order to create a lower ceiling without sacrificing the openness of the Loft, I incorporated a branch canopy over most of the set to enclose the a frame and bring the viewer’s eyes down towards the band. I used some faux stain glass for color. I used stumps as stools for the artists to sit on while performing. I also used benches created from stumps and 4×4 posts for backline stands. Old rugs and vintage instruments from my collection of amps and drums were used for the filming.

Lastly, I was looking for something that really said “Bethel” more than anything else. Knowing Brian Johnson and his love for hunting, I thought it might be fun to hang a lot of his trophy deer heads in the set. This is normally a “no no” in live concert sets – let alone a worship DVD. But that made me want to do it even more! Not only did the entire set design resonate with the label and artists, the Deer Head became a best selling T-Shirt design, a tattoo on Brian Johnson’s arm, and later the Logo for the Bethel Music label.”

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